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Bacon & Egg Pies


These little babies are so easy to make and really delicious.

You will need:

Fresh Thyme
Fresh Chives
Mozzarella Cheese (if desired)
Salt & Pepper

Line a muffin tin or small ramekins with middle cut bacon. You can trim the rind if you prefer but i like to keep a little bit of rind around the top because it goes nice and chewy. Put the muffin tray in the oven to cook the bacon for a few minutes. It will start to look like it is moulding itself to the muffin tin.

Mix eggs gently, just breaking the yokes. Mix in fresh herbs and the salt and pepper to taste. Pull the bacon lined muffin tin out of the oven and pour the egg mixture into the middle of the lined bacon muffin tins & top with herbs and cheese if you wish.

Bake for 5-7 minutes until the egg is just cooked. They will easily slide out of the muffin tins. Serve with salad for lunch, with a side of roasted tomato and mushrooms for breakfast or pack them for a picnic.




Our REAL Food Pledge

Rose and I have pledged to each other and ourselves to eat only REAL food for the next four weeks.

What does this mean you may ask? It is really quite simple, if it is not provided by mother earth we will not eat it.

The list of foods allowed are:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Natural oils, olive oil, coconut oil etc

It is actually amazing the beautiful meals and snacks that we have been enjoying so far and our families are loving it too. It is not easy breaking the sugar and chemical addiction that we have from processed foods but so far I am feeling excited about my future healthy relationship with REAL food.



For me these two words go hand and hand. With wine consumption the end result is always followed with a good whine. Not necessarily directly but at some stage down the track. You see, I love wine. The marriage of good food flavours and a delicious crisp white or a warming red is to me one of lifes simple pleasures. But here lies the problem…a beautiful meal shared with others with my favourite drop always results in a huge whining session from me. Why is this you may ask? My problem is that the following day I eat my way through the after effects of my wine drinking session. I start the morning devouring sugary drinks and craving and indulging in salty, fatty, unwholesome foods. It is bad. Really bad!! I eat all day until I reach the point when I simply cannot face another morsel. And then I whine. I feel awful, guilty, uncomfortable, and lethargic and vow to make better food choices on Monday.

For this lifestyle adventure to be a success I can see it is necessary for me to give up the wine (at least for now). I am at this point unable to control the after effects and so at this point do solemnly swear that not a drop will pass my lips until my mind, body, and soul are solidly on the path towards a better me. Who knows, maybe I will even enjoy some wine time down time.


Finding Inspiration


I love these funny postcards, hilarious. I can relate to them all. I particularly love….

Whoever said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” has clearly never had cupcakes. Or wine. Or chocolate. Or pizza.’ 

I agree! I love pizza and cupcakes, I love wine, I love bread, I love it all. But truthfully all of those gooey, cheesy, sweet, yummy foods actually don’t love me. In reality not only do these foods contribute to my weight, but worse, I react badly to them. I get bloated and experience digestive issues that result in sore tummy aches.

But you guessed it, that doesn’t stop me from eating them. WHY? Why do I continue to do that to myself?! I actually don’t know. I have asked myself that very question so many times…. particularly when I am curled over in the bathroom suffering from the ring of fire. In one of my most recent attacks I was in there so long that the automatic lights went off and I had to fend for myself the the dark!

Am I addicted? Is it that I have no will power? Maybe I don’t care enough.

If I am going through a healthy eating cycle, (which I do every few months) I don’t have any symptoms and I really enjoy feeling good and sleeping better. So why is it so hard for me to stick to healthy eating day after day.

My goal – to be junk free and to not want it & instead to eat only food that nature grows. Can I do it? I hope so.


Meet Caralee & Rose

Meet Rose & Caralee  Rose & Caralee  Caralee & Rose Silly Faces

This is us…. I am Caralee and that is my friend Rose. We are two crazy 30 something year olds trying to find balance in our lives between, work, family having fun and staying healthy! Rose and I have loads in common. We are of similar age, we have kids the same age, we are both from New Zealand and love living on the Gold Coast, we work, have husbands, love fashion, love outings, love wine and we have loads of fun together. One of the BIG things that Rose and I have in common is we want to be skinny but we aren’t! Rose and I are fairly standard size 12… Huhhim… well I am more like a 14 on the bottom and a 12 on the top! The problem is that we LOVE food soooo much!  Between the both of us we have tried every diet under the sun, which we will tell you more about later. But you name it we have done it!

In the last 12 months Rose and I have been talking about eating an unprocessed diet as in changing our lifestyle and eating this way on a permanent basis. We learnt that this is phrased by some as ‘clean eating’. There have been many conversations between us about this idea and we have even tried it in various forms over the past 12 months, however we are both still on our weight and bad habit roller coaster.

For me my roller coaster is 3 monthly. I eat what I like, I gain 5 kg, I hate the way I feel, I whine and moan about my weight and how bad I have been to Rose, then I go on a DIET and loose the weight…. then I start the process again! You know what…. I AM TIRED OF IT!

Rose and I are making a commitment to ourselves and each other to give it a very good go to change our bad habits for good. To break this cycle and to become lean and clean eaters.

You can watch this space to follow our progress and our quest for a healthier, skinnier lifestyle that is permanent!