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Woohoo I’ve done it! A whole week without sugar. No small feat for me that’s for sure. It appears that its true about the vicious cycle of sugar and refined flours, salt and saturated fats. I didn’t doubt it, but I truly didn’t expect to feel this great so quickly after eliminating these things from my diet. Energy levels are great, I feel lighter, happier, and ultimately quite proud of myself. I will admit to a lengthy eye boggling look at a cake a few days ago but the feel good factor totally outweighed the urge to indulge. So here I am – one week down and feeling fantastic. Yay me!

New Beginnings


It is only fitting that I begin the “first day of the rest of my life” with the humble egg. The symbol of new life, new beginnings etc.etc. I had this at 7:30 this morning and I was still full at 10:30 with no cravings…unbelievable! Normally by this time of day I am in the depths of a chunk of white bread, cake, or other suitably unsuitable, carb loaded, refined flour, pile of dirtiness. Thanks to the lovely organic chocolate habanero chilli from my husbands garden I even enjoyed a satisfying spicy hit. Goodmorning! So tasty and I will definitely be eating this one again.

Two soft boiled eggs – chopped
Large handful spinach
Habanero chilli – diced
Red onion – thinly sliced
Toss together and sprinkle with rock salt – I use pink Himalayan rock salt.