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The Eating Out Test.. did I pass?

Discipline Quote

Last night I went out to dinner to celebrate 7 years of being in business with our staff from our law practice. I was concerned about the challenges eating out may pose, but was surprised with how easy it was.

Prior to bringing our meals out the chef brought us a complimentary taster, this was an onion soup with a crostini. The soup was all natural and delicious, I gave my crostini to someone else. Phew I passed the first test!

How did I go on the bread roll test? Ahhhh I LOVE bread rolls! The waiter was serving everyone a beautiful selection of gourmet bread rolls. I find chewy crusty breads with lashings of olive oil or butter irresistible. But just like a non-smoker wouldn’t ever contemplate a cigarette, I didn’t look twice at the bread rolls! I politely said to the waiter, “no thanks not from me, I am a non-breader!” (No not really) I just said no thanks and a roll never landed on my plate.

For the entrée I chose the scallops, easy and simple. The mains were very easy to, I was thinking lamb or salmon? I went lamb, which was accompanied with a tomato side. All ingredients were natural, real foods.

Desert was a not brainer… I didn’t even look at the menu. I got a beautiful peppermint tea instead.

I left the restaurant feeling satisfied and not over full like I usually would. The extra bonus was that it was great to wake up this morning feeling light and energetic.



New Beginnings


It is only fitting that I begin the “first day of the rest of my life” with the humble egg. The symbol of new life, new beginnings etc.etc. I had this at 7:30 this morning and I was still full at 10:30 with no cravings…unbelievable! Normally by this time of day I am in the depths of a chunk of white bread, cake, or other suitably unsuitable, carb loaded, refined flour, pile of dirtiness. Thanks to the lovely organic chocolate habanero chilli from my husbands garden I even enjoyed a satisfying spicy hit. Goodmorning! So tasty and I will definitely be eating this one again.

Two soft boiled eggs – chopped
Large handful spinach
Habanero chilli – diced
Red onion – thinly sliced
Toss together and sprinkle with rock salt – I use pink Himalayan rock salt.





On a recent night out, Caralee and I did what we do best. The wine was flowing, we overindulged (again), and we played with our food. That’s right – two grown up women, dressed for elegance, stuffing our faces and playing with our food. In public. The delicious crab claw became the source of entertainment for us. It even ventured up my sleeve as a substitute hand (so cute little crab hand).

On analysing this defining moment in our adult lives, I can only conclude that Caralee and I need to have fun with our food. The dining experiences we share are always filled with much amusement. So I question – is it the food that we are choosing that brings us such joy or is it merely that company? Are we willing to experiment with this by finding the joy in healthier whole food choices. Will cauliflower rice give me the same belly laughs as the deep fried crab claw goodness did. As I am writing this my mind is listing the many ways we could play around with the humble protein ball…So I throw out the challenge to whole food everywhere, show me some fun and give me a giggle. We need fun food!!!