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Meet Caralee & Rose

Meet Rose & Caralee  Rose & Caralee  Caralee & Rose Silly Faces

This is us…. I am Caralee and that is my friend Rose. We are two crazy 30 something year olds trying to find balance in our lives between, work, family having fun and staying healthy! Rose and I have loads in common. We are of similar age, we have kids the same age, we are both from New Zealand and love living on the Gold Coast, we work, have husbands, love fashion, love outings, love wine and we have loads of fun together. One of the BIG things that Rose and I have in common is we want to be skinny but we aren’t! Rose and I are fairly standard size 12… Huhhim… well I am more like a 14 on the bottom and a 12 on the top! The problem is that we LOVE food soooo much!  Between the both of us we have tried every diet under the sun, which we will tell you more about later. But you name it we have done it!

In the last 12 months Rose and I have been talking about eating an unprocessed diet as in changing our lifestyle and eating this way on a permanent basis. We learnt that this is phrased by some as ‘clean eating’. There have been many conversations between us about this idea and we have even tried it in various forms over the past 12 months, however we are both still on our weight and bad habit roller coaster.

For me my roller coaster is 3 monthly. I eat what I like, I gain 5 kg, I hate the way I feel, I whine and moan about my weight and how bad I have been to Rose, then I go on a DIET and loose the weight…. then I start the process again! You know what…. I AM TIRED OF IT!

Rose and I are making a commitment to ourselves and each other to give it a very good go to change our bad habits for good. To break this cycle and to become lean and clean eaters.

You can watch this space to follow our progress and our quest for a healthier, skinnier lifestyle that is permanent!