Crisp Cabbage Salad


Last night I made this crisp cabbage side dish to go with our dinner. Even those at our table that usually don’t enjoy salad went back for seconds. SUCESS!

It is so ridiculously simple and absolutely fresh and delicious.

Shred ¼ of a green cabbage, toss it with a touch of salt and white vinegar. Top the salad with freshly sliced spring onion, chill, sesame seeds & a touch of sesame oil.



Getting Fresh



Today is a new beginning and the start of Rose and my fresh, primal eating lifestyle. Today is Sunday, so fortunately I had time to visit my local farmers market to stock up on fresh ingredients. It was definitely the right place to start this journey.

The first stop was a local lady who makes freshly squeezed juice. I chose a carrot, beetroot, apple and celery juice. ZING! I was ready to shop up a storm.

I brought everything from different varieties of mushrooms to fennel, mint and radishes, to the usual salad & stir-fry staples.

The fresh farmers market is definitely the place that I need to visit each week. It is much fresher and cheaper than my local grocery store and there is more variety, plus by shopping at the farmers market I am supporting our local growers. It is a win win all round.


New Beginnings


It is only fitting that I begin the “first day of the rest of my life” with the humble egg. The symbol of new life, new beginnings etc.etc. I had this at 7:30 this morning and I was still full at 10:30 with no cravings…unbelievable! Normally by this time of day I am in the depths of a chunk of white bread, cake, or other suitably unsuitable, carb loaded, refined flour, pile of dirtiness. Thanks to the lovely organic chocolate habanero chilli from my husbands garden I even enjoyed a satisfying spicy hit. Goodmorning! So tasty and I will definitely be eating this one again.

Two soft boiled eggs – chopped
Large handful spinach
Habanero chilli – diced
Red onion – thinly sliced
Toss together and sprinkle with rock salt – I use pink Himalayan rock salt.




For me these two words go hand and hand. With wine consumption the end result is always followed with a good whine. Not necessarily directly but at some stage down the track. You see, I love wine. The marriage of good food flavours and a delicious crisp white or a warming red is to me one of lifes simple pleasures. But here lies the problem…a beautiful meal shared with others with my favourite drop always results in a huge whining session from me. Why is this you may ask? My problem is that the following day I eat my way through the after effects of my wine drinking session. I start the morning devouring sugary drinks and craving and indulging in salty, fatty, unwholesome foods. It is bad. Really bad!! I eat all day until I reach the point when I simply cannot face another morsel. And then I whine. I feel awful, guilty, uncomfortable, and lethargic and vow to make better food choices on Monday.

For this lifestyle adventure to be a success I can see it is necessary for me to give up the wine (at least for now). I am at this point unable to control the after effects and so at this point do solemnly swear that not a drop will pass my lips until my mind, body, and soul are solidly on the path towards a better me. Who knows, maybe I will even enjoy some wine time down time.



Monday's Diet

I start diets or healthy eating plan’s most Monday’s. It is such a bad habit of mine and has been for my entire adult life. (I am pretty sure Rose & I share this in common) All weekend I have a wonderful time eating, drinking and having a blast and it is all OK because I am starting my new plan on Monday.

It has become beyond ridiculous. Monday I am good, Tuesday I am good, Wednesday I start letting go and by Thursday it is all over!

I said to Rose… ‘This time we are truly wanting to change our lifestyle and our bad habits so we can’t start on a Monday.’

So we have decided to start on fun day Sunday instead! You heard it hear folks, yes half way through the weekend!

We have planned a big cook up (with natures food only) on Sunday night with both of our families to get them involved. (They don’t know it yet but their lifestyles are about to change too!) Rose has been assigned the dinner challenge and I am in charge of the entree and desert. I am yet to work out if there is such a thing as a desert made from only nature’s food, but that is all part of the discovery.

Caralee x

Finding Inspiration


I love these funny postcards, hilarious. I can relate to them all. I particularly love….

Whoever said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” has clearly never had cupcakes. Or wine. Or chocolate. Or pizza.’ 

I agree! I love pizza and cupcakes, I love wine, I love bread, I love it all. But truthfully all of those gooey, cheesy, sweet, yummy foods actually don’t love me. In reality not only do these foods contribute to my weight, but worse, I react badly to them. I get bloated and experience digestive issues that result in sore tummy aches.

But you guessed it, that doesn’t stop me from eating them. WHY? Why do I continue to do that to myself?! I actually don’t know. I have asked myself that very question so many times…. particularly when I am curled over in the bathroom suffering from the ring of fire. In one of my most recent attacks I was in there so long that the automatic lights went off and I had to fend for myself the the dark!

Am I addicted? Is it that I have no will power? Maybe I don’t care enough.

If I am going through a healthy eating cycle, (which I do every few months) I don’t have any symptoms and I really enjoy feeling good and sleeping better. So why is it so hard for me to stick to healthy eating day after day.

My goal – to be junk free and to not want it & instead to eat only food that nature grows. Can I do it? I hope so.




On a recent night out, Caralee and I did what we do best. The wine was flowing, we overindulged (again), and we played with our food. That’s right – two grown up women, dressed for elegance, stuffing our faces and playing with our food. In public. The delicious crab claw became the source of entertainment for us. It even ventured up my sleeve as a substitute hand (so cute little crab hand).

On analysing this defining moment in our adult lives, I can only conclude that Caralee and I need to have fun with our food. The dining experiences we share are always filled with much amusement. So I question – is it the food that we are choosing that brings us such joy or is it merely that company? Are we willing to experiment with this by finding the joy in healthier whole food choices. Will cauliflower rice give me the same belly laughs as the deep fried crab claw goodness did. As I am writing this my mind is listing the many ways we could play around with the humble protein ball…So I throw out the challenge to whole food everywhere, show me some fun and give me a giggle. We need fun food!!!