So how did this all begin…it went a little something like this –

“I just faced my weight and I have put all that weight I lost back on too!
It is totally messed up! OK what’s the plan? I need you to do surgery on
me & give me a lap band! LOL”

“Haha! Not funny about the weight but funny about the lap band…
I ate a sausage roll and two doughnuts today. Issues!! Starting to think
hypnosis is not a bad idea…or maybe get my jaw wired shut!! I’ve been
looking up clean eating plans online…”

The text messages that started it all – our journey to eating good and feeling good. So many times text messages such as these have been shared between the two of us, but it is time to put the jokes to rest (at least for now) and face this clean eating thing head on, belly first, wobbly thighs and all. The countless ridiculous diet plans end here.

Follow us as we launch into what we hope to be a fun food and lifestyle adventure.



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