Caralee & Rose Silly Faces  Rose & Caralee  Meet Rose & Caralee

This is us…. I am Caralee (dark hair) and that is my friend Rose (the cute blonde one). We are two crazy 30 something year olds trying to find balance in our lives between, work, family, having fun and staying healthy!

Rose and I have loads in common. We are of similar age, we have kids the same age, we are both from New Zealand and love living on the Gold Coast in Australia, we have busy career’s, have amazing husbands, love fashion, love outings, love wine and food and we have loads of fun together. One of the BIG things that Rose and I have in common ad talk about all the time is that we want to be skinnier and healthier than we currently are.

The problem is that we LOVE food so much and further to that we both have a fairly screwed up relationship with food (of course we blame our parents!) Between the two of us we have tried every diet under the sun. And, yes the results speak for themselves… we are both the heaviest we have ever been!

In the last 12 months Rose and I have been talking about eating an unprocessed natural diet on a permanent basis. To us the definition is if nature grows it, it is on the list. This would include, meats, seafood, vegetables, eggs, nuts & seeds and once we have this food list under control we will allow oats, rice and beans.

There have been many, many conversations (over wine of course) between us about this idea of ‘clean eating’ and we have even tried it in various forms over the past 12 months. But now we are holding ourselves accountable and changing for GOOD!

You can watch this space to follow our progress on becoming healthier, skinnier, happier, hotter versions of ourselves!

Caralee and Rose x


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