3 Weeks of Eating REAL food

It has been 3 weeks and I have only eaten what I define as ‘real food’. This means no processed food, just healthy natural foods. I originally thought that I wouldn’t eat diary but I have been eating the odd bit of cheese and milk.

How do I feel? I feel great! I have lost a couple of kilo’s, I know I would loose more if I dropped the diary out of my diet and of course I may have indulged in a few chocolate balls (made from dates)!

Has it been hard? No not really. it is fairly easy in fact.

What have I been eating? My typical day starts with eggs for breakfast, either hard boiled or a herb omelet. Lunch is usually a salad or if I go to sushi (my favourite) a salad and sashimi. I stay away from traditional sushi which is made from rice. Dinner is probably the easiest because it is normal to have some lovely meat and vegetables, I leave off sauces and starches.

Am I going to keep going? Absolutely, why would I stop now! I feel fantastic and I have so much exploring to do with this new way of thinking about food. I am feeling excited about food rather than thinking that food is the enemy that I love so much. Now I am realising that I can LOVE food and it is OK.



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