On a recent night out, Caralee and I did what we do best. The wine was flowing, we overindulged (again), and we played with our food. That’s right – two grown up women, dressed for elegance, stuffing our faces and playing with our food. In public. The delicious crab claw became the source of entertainment for us. It even ventured up my sleeve as a substitute hand (so cute little crab hand).

On analysing this defining moment in our adult lives, I can only conclude that Caralee and I need to have fun with our food. The dining experiences we share are always filled with much amusement. So I question – is it the food that we are choosing that brings us such joy or is it merely that company? Are we willing to experiment with this by finding the joy in healthier whole food choices. Will cauliflower rice give me the same belly laughs as the deep fried crab claw goodness did. As I am writing this my mind is listing the many ways we could play around with the humble protein ball…So I throw out the challenge to whole food everywhere, show me some fun and give me a giggle. We need fun food!!!



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